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2020 huh...what a year...

Well, it wasn't ALL bad... I ended up getting that full time gig as an HR Administrative Assistant! Things are going okay but it's very mentally and physically exhausting. Having that on my plate along with helping family with various projects [mostly home renovation and cleaning out hoarder home s / storage lockers] is very draining.

I'm having a huge sale to clear out my inventory. I'm hoping in the near future I can create some new merch. I've honestly just been working and saving up my money; I've never had enough money from a paycheck to be able to put anything really into a savings account! You could say I'm making up for lost time at this point.

I DO want to eventually see about delving into apparel and other product development but only time will tell.

2020 screwed up our con line-up, but that's fine. We honestly needed a break and even though COVID caused a bit of stress, it was nice to just...not have to worry about traveling and dealing with the stress of a convention.

We plan on attending BLFC 2021, and will running around having fun. I'm debating spending a tiny bit of time in the Marketplace if a table is open, but nothing too serious. I hope you had an okay year minus the chaos COVID brought to each of us.

As always, if you want the most recent updates, please follow me on Twitter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! I'm your biggest fan! P.S.: Go and check out my husband's work! He's an amazing artist and loves new followers :)


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