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goodbye 2019, hello 2020!

Hey, gang! I just wanted to pop in and update with the latest. I recently quit my job as a cook for a grocery store here locally, in hopes to try and land a job that I can make a career of. I'm specifically looking for clerical, receptionist, office assistant work, to eventually work my way up in office settings. It's pretty low stress and I feel I will be better taken care of in those settings than sticking in a kitchen. For now I'm periodically taking a commission or 2 every now and then, just to make ends meet between my current job as a temp agent. I've been pretty busy for now, but the Winter season can be kind of lacking, so I'm using this time to work on the last few commissions for the year as well as work on trying to create some new merch designs. I have some new stickers that I hope to post in the shop soon. As far as events, I have a few listed on the main page that I plan on attending. I have BLFC and AFCI listed for 2020, as I plan on attending, but will probably not being vending. If anything I may snag a spot in the Marketplace / Artist Alley areas for a day, just to offer sketches or small badges. The only event I will for sure be vending at this year is ACFI, and will also be a contributing artist. If you haven't been to ACFI and like furry cons, I highly suggest checking it out. I would describe it as a big family reunion :) As always, if you want the most recent updates, please follow me on Twitter. I am also hoping to open up for some in-stream specials; which will also be announced over on Twitter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! I'm your biggest fan!


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