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reference sheets

Character Reference Sheets are a very important part of commissioning artwork from an artist. By providing a reference sheet for the commissioned artist, you allow them a guide of how to illustrate, and understand your characters personality. Many artists require a reference sheet of the character you want drawn in order to create an illustration.


Not only will you be able to use the reference sheet for its intended purpose, but you will also have the option to use the images on the sheet for icons, avatars, to use in banners, or any other number of electronic applications. The reference sheet art isn't allowed to be edited, not allowed to be put up for sale or purchase, or use the artwork for commercial use for any reason.

Clients / Commissioners will receive a full and low resolution version of the reference sheet, both in RGB and CYMK format. RGB can be used toward uploading online, and CYMK for printing out copies for personal use. Reference sheets are 8.5 x 11 inches in dimension for ease of printing purposes.

The reference sheet will include a watermark logo of my name. Altering the reference sheet to not include my watermark is not allowed, unless cropping for use of icons or avatars. If you use the artwork for icons, avatars, or otherwise, please make sure to credit back to my website or related social media sites.


Base price includes a front and back view of a single / individual character, a color guide, and character information (Name, Gender, Age, etc); base pricing starts at $250 USD 


Sheets are completely customizable from layout to content. Each addition to the sheet will raise the cost.  


Sheets are drawn using the "flat color" method, and does not include shading; minimal ombre / gradient features will be allowed for color transitions for character details. 

Additional fees may be added to your invoice based on a number of factors you decide. NSFW content and alternate versions are allowed if requested but will be credited using my alias watermark.


All prices are USD.



    • Simplified / Stylized Wings: $10 per set

    • Extended / Detailed Wings: $25 per set

    • Additional Limbs (Arms, Legs, Tails, etc): $10 per limb


    • Guns, Weapons, Detailed / Intricate Props: $20+ per prop
    • Outfits / Costumes: $25+ per outfit

    • Complex Markings (Ex: Gradient stripes, multicolored spots, etc): $25+


    • Headshot / Additional Expression: $25 each

    • Alternate Version (Nude, NSFW Nude, Clothed, etc): $25+ per

    • Detail Shot (Ex: Close-Ups, Paws, Maw, Props, etc): $20+ per

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