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telegram stickers

​Telegram is an instant messenger program that allows you to send personalized stickers as a message. Telegram sticker packs are created to be used with the app, but, you may use the commissioned stickers for any instant messaging app the allows you to upload images to replace emojis. You will also have the option to use the images as icons, avatars, to use in banners, or any other number of electronic applications. The sticker art isn't allowed to be edited, not allowed to be put up for sale or purchase, or use the artwork for commercial use for any reason.

Clients / Commissioners will receive a sticker set images, a file for each individual sticker with the original dimensions, and a link to the pack to download onto Telegram. I will also include a credit sticker that includes my contact information.

You may use the stickers in remade packs as long as my credit sticker is included. 

The credit sticker must be included in the original and/or altered set.


Base prices are for a single / individual character depicted in each sticker. Stickers are drawn using a "flat color" method, and do no include shading. Additional fees may be added to your invoice based on a number of factors. NSFW content is allowed if requested but will be credited using my alias.

All prices are USD.


Refer to the Example section below for starting prices.



    • Simplified / Stylized Wings: $5

    • Extended / Detailed Wings: $10

    • Additional Limbs (Arms, Legs, Tails, etc): $5 per limb

    • Guns, Weapons, Detailed / Intricate Props: $10-20 per prop

    • Elaborate Outfits / Costumes: $25+

    • Complex Markings (Ex: Gradient stripes, multicolored spots, etc): $20+

  • Extra Character Sticker Fee: $20 per extra character 

  • Full Body Sticker Fee: $10 per full body character

  • Stickers including a "YCH" / "Your Character Here" body: $10 per sticker

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5 Pack: $75
10 Pack: $150
15 Pack: $225
20 Pack: $300
25 Pack: $375


5 Pack: $100
10 Pack: $200
15 Pack: $300
20 Pack: $400
25 Pack: $500

detailed PACKS

5 Pack: $125
10 Pack: $250
15 Pack: $375
20 Pack: $500
25 Pack: $625

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